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"I have been waiting for this for years."

I build 15-20 luxury homes a year and I only get to create content around 3-5 due to cost and energy restraints. SCC is exactly what I've been looking for.

— Suzanne Allen-Guerra,  Owner   |   Allen-Guerra Architecture
“A simple take on a decades old problem for enterprise scale GCs"

SCC is very exciting to me having spent the past 15 years in the construction industry as a PM/PX for a enterprise scale General Contractor. At the end of every job, we are always scrambling to make photography requests to our clients.  It usually comes in waves from subs, design teams, building owner ourselves as the GC, owner’s themselves, etc.  To be able to centrally “locate” those requests at one place and then be able to strategically have a cost model that shares the burden of those costs across the entire project team is ideal. It is a giant ‘easy’ button to me as a PM/PX of a enterprise scale GC.

— Tyler Swartzwelder, DBIA, LEED AP,  Senior Project Executive   |   Gilbane Building Company
“The content creation process has been a major distraction—until SCC.”

The content creation process has been a major distraction—until SCC. Having a partner and business who understands my company’s enterprise needs and standard of quality who can fulfill our mission without hassle is critical.

"The possibilities here are endless"
— Matthew Bell, FAIA,  Principal   |   Perkins Eastman Architects

How it works

The SCC Cost Sharing Process

1. Create Project

Anyone can kick off a project and become the commissioning party.

2. Assign Participants

Enter the information of those who were involved in the construction project who would like to split the cost of content. Don't know exactly how many will be splitting? No problem—simply put in your estimated participants and adjust at a later step.

2. Define Budget

We offer eleven price points for each service for projects on every scale. You will define the total budget all parties would like to split.

3. Cost Share With Multiple Parties

Our system is designed to be flexible because we know construction projects are just that. Whether you'd like to cost share the production fee equally among every participant or customize it to a certain percentage for those who were more involved than others, you can easily do so.

4. Checkout & Invite Participants

You authorize us to take your payment split and send an invitation link to each participant who will do the same. Once we receive authorization from everyone, SCC will take the payments, schedule the services, capture the photographs and videos on the shoot days and handle the post-production.  Once the project is complete our system will handle all photographic assignment and automatically license images and videos to each party involved. It's as simple as that.


Fully customizable to fit into your existing processes

Things shouldn't be so complex. That's why we've housed all of the major "set and forget" features needed in one platform dedicated only to the AIEC industry.

  • Easy Cost Share Participant Onboarding
  • Separate Invoices for Cost Share Participants
  • Automatic Calculations & Reconciliations as New Participants Sign On.
  • Image Proofing
  • Licensing Selections
  • Legal Documents
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Supporting Professional Services

Architectural Photography

SCC architectural photographers are always pushing the boundaries of their craft and meet the highest industry standards for architectural photography. So you can split the cost of an architectural photographer but never have to worry about sacrificing quality.

Architectural Videography

Whether it's process documentaries to interior walk-throughs, SCC will supply the best architectural videographer for pre-production to make the shot list, through the shoot, and during post-production for the subject matter.

Architectural Drone Photography and Videography

SCC possesses a bank of highly trained and skilled drone architectural photographers, videographers, and FPV pilots to accomplish your aerial work.

Interior Staging

Looking to up your architectural photography, interiors photography or real estate photography? Stage your property before capturing interior design photos or video. We have a variety of cost sharing stagers who will make your space sell.

Professional Services

We Can Handle Everything

With our software, managing split cost projects has never been easier. However, we understand that some AIEC firms and architectural architectural content creators prefer to set and forget their projects and be hands-off. If you'd rather just hand the work off to Shared Construction Content and not deal with any of it, rest assured that our dedicated team is here to take care of everything for you. With our comprehensive Professional Services, you can enjoy the benefits of split cost projects without the hassle of managing them yourself. From project initiation to licensing, we will handle all the work, allowing you to focus on you art and pushing the boundaries of your craft, not paper.

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The Basics

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In the most simple explanation, what exactly does SCC do?

Sometimes software gets confusing. Simply put, SCC hires architectural photographers and/or videographers to capture a property you recently finished and allows you to share the cost of that architectural shoot with as many partners who played a role in completing the property as you'd like to share it with. If you're a general contractor, architect, interior designer or real estate agent, SCC can create for you better marketing and advertising images and videos to grow your business. Our photographs and videos are not only art but rather critical business development assets used to create immense value.

I have an idea of how many other parties will join in cost sharing, but I’m not 100% positive. What should I do?

Our system is built around the reality that the project owner will most likely be starting off with an estimated number of participants, which is why we use invitations rather than you typing in the information of those you think but are not sure will join. Our invitations system makes it east to add an additional company to the project  and  allows for easy sharing and onboarding of your partners in less than a minute.

What is a good amount of people to split the project with?

We recommend having 3–6+ different parties to cost share. The more, the merrier.

What happens if the amount of additional parties we anticipate to sign up decreases?

That’s okay! We use an invitation system and, until those invitations are opened and fulfilled by a partner, we don’t count them in the cost splitting.

When can I expect my payment method to be charged?

Typically, the project will close and all payment methods on file will be charged 10 days after the project was created; however, the project owner determines and can set the project to close at their discretion. We will always charge each party separately - so you don't have to worry.

Can one client have some special photos and/or videos of their specific contribution of the project taken?

Absolutely. For each project, every member gets a specific number of photos allocated for them to tell us what they want images of. If this is not enough, you are more than welcome to add on additional photos to be taken at any time. We also have add-ons for video, aerial work, copywriting, and other marketing needs. Although the cost of add-ons can be split, they typically are paid on an individual basis.

I have a photographer or videographer of my own in mind—can I use them for the shoot?

You are more than welcome to use a photographer or videographer for the shoot and still use our system for cost sharing. It is important to note, however, that if you use your own photographer, their rates may be significantly higher than the pre-approved rates we have with our in-house creators and we cannot regulate the quality of their work. SCC will handle hiring your architectural photographer and the terms and production fees will be negotiated separately.

What type of companies or individuals can join a project?

Anyone can join in cost sharing a project who is willing to split the production fee and pay the licensing fee to use the images and videos —architects, interior designers, general contractors, sub-contractors, building owners, Real Estate agents, and more.

Can General Contractors and Architects Pay More?

Yes. You can split evenly the cost sharing or often, interior designers, general contractors, and architect have a larger stake in a project and thus want to weight the cost sharing agreement to have them pay more money and a larger license fee.

Am I able to gift the content to someone?

You can gift content to someone such as a homeowner for personal use, or you can assume the cost of the license for non-profit and commercial use. For example, if you built a church but did not want the parish paying for the license, you could participate in cost sharing of their license between several parties in the project.

Does the Architectural Photographer control the creative direction of a project?

Short answer—the photographer or videographer controls the creative direction per image and video on the shoot. Detailed answer— the "project owner" who begins the project using our platform decides what price & quality point for the project, which determines the professional(s) who will do the job. All parties involved with splitting the project cost will have a say-so in what specific things they'd like captured, and the photographer or videographer on the job will consider those factors when exercising his or her creative direction on the project.

Where Does SCC Operate?

Shared Construction Content operates across the globe.

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