A company that lives, breathes, and builds for the good of our clients.

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Who We Are

Our mission is simple and our vision is clear.

Shared Construction Content allows companies involved in a construction project to split the cost of architectural photography, videography, staging, aerial work, and more. Our goal is to be the catalyst that propels the AIEC industry into the world of sophisticated digital marketing.

Modus Operandi

We are client obsessed.

At SCC, our entire foundation is built on what our clients tell us they need. Before we ever built a single feature, we went into the market and spoke to dozens of business owners and high-level executives at construction, architecture, interior design, and contractor firms who shared their frustrations in the industry when it came to content creation—we built our software platform to solve those exact problems.

We know our customers innately and operate at the professional and enterprise standards they expect. For every decision we make at SCC, we ask, “Is this good for the client?” and, “How does this impact the client?” These answers drive us forward to continue to build tools, teams, and services that fulfill our mission and goals for the good of you.


Our Team

Michael Young

President, Director of Sales, Software Engineer

Jennifer Jorgensen

Director of Production

Zadakia Krondorfer

Chief of Staff
"I have been waiting for this for years."
I build 15-20 luxury homes a year and I only get to create content around 3-5 due to cost and energy restraints. SCC is exactly what I've been looking for.
— Suzanne Allen-Guerra,  Owner   |   Allen-Guerra Architecture
“A simple take on a decades old problem for enterprise scale GCs"
SCC is very exciting to me having spent the past 15 years in the construction industry as a PM/PX for a enterprise scale General Contractor. At the end of every job, we are always scrambling to make photography requests to our clients.  It usually comes in waves from subs, design teams, ourselves as the GC, owner’s themselves, etc.  To be able to centrally “locate” those requests at one place and then be able to strategically have a cost model that shares the burden of those costs across the entire project team is ideal. It is a giant ‘easy’ button to me as a PM/PX of a enterprise scale GC.
— Tyler Swartzwelder, DBIA, LEED AP,  Senior Project Executive   |   Gilbane Building Company
“The content creation process has been a major distraction—until SCC.”
The content creation process has been a major distraction—until SCC. Having a partner and business who understands my company’s enterprise needs and standard of quality who can fulfill our mission without hassle is critical.
"The possibilities here are endless"
— Matthew Bell, FAIA,  Principal   |   Perkins Eastman Architects

Software, services, and people to make your architectural content go further.

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