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The Raw Economics of Split Cost Architectural Photography Projects

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Old World vs. New World

It is well-known that for architectural photography and film marketing budgets, well executed split-cost projects are guaranteed to save you money. This has always been true. Despite this, in the old world, split-cost projects were done passively, as in, only a few companies participated in the split cost project and not all of the companies involved in a construction project were approached and made aware that the split cost architectural photography project was happening and its benefits. Additionally, when split cost architectural photography project got larger and more complex with many parties, the compounding difficulties of executing ever larger and complex split-cost projects made some of them not worth the time to execute or nearly impossible for architecture and construction marketing departments to mange and invoice correctly for them to realize the full cost-saving advantages. 

While you may have passively taken part in a handful of split-cost projects before, you should be doing and getting the benefit of split-cost projects for every single project—at scale and without doing any of the work yourself.

With changes in the marketing environment, architectural photographers and the construction industry seem to be catching onto the benefits of split-cost projects. This shift has propelled the need to evolve the split-cost process from manual and complex to simplified and automated.

In the new world, architectural photographers realize the upside of actively pursuing split-cost contracts for every project without the painstaking effort or expenses of the old world.

Making split-cost projects achievable for architecture and construction companies—and then some.

If you committed and decided to make every project a split-cost project, you'd see the upside too! Shared Construction Content (SCC) allows you to easily prioritize this with the first split-cost software and marketing services platform built around architectural photographers and filmmakers.

SCC makes your life easier, maximizes your marketing budget, and allows you to execute split-cost projects with a few clicks. In addition to an automated split-cost process, our process positively impacts your content creation budgets, saving you 30-60% on every project. For enterprise companies, that’s tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars a year with zero risk. 

So how much time will you save? Well, that’s up to you.

SCC can turn 5 to 6 weeks of complex work into 5 to 6 clicks. Our software and services platform is easily scalable to meet your individual needs.

The Raw Economics of Working with SCC

Saving time is awesome. Now, let’s get into the math of it all and talk about how much more money you could save if you committed to actively doing split-cost projects with SCC.

Increase in Revenue by 35% to 65%

SCC helps to maximize your value and increase your revenue by ensuring you sell additional licenses for every project. Our simplified split-cost process makes connecting with sales prospects effortless and, on average, helps architectural photographers and filmmakers onboard 3 to 4 more clients to purchase licenses without eating into their margin—thus boosting your annual revenue by 35% to 65% with minimal added effort on your part.

Client Savings

You are doing a disservice to every one of your clients every time you are not actively pursuing split-cost projects. With SCC, every newly onboarded client is exposed to the quality of your work and the money-saving benefits of split costs. With every client added to your project, you are actively saving them all money (while making more for yourself). Yes, it really is that great.

Win-win all around

After running through the raw economics of working with SCC, it becomes clear that making split-cost projects a priority is achievable now more than ever. You can make every architectural photography project a split-cost project consistently and effortlessly without the added overhead or headaches.

If you're actively pursuing split-cost projects, are you doing everything yourself? If yes, you could be missing out on both time- and money-saving opportunities. If you do work with a marketing team, are they doing everything necessary to help realize the full potential of your value? If not, it's time to prioritize yourself. SCC is here to help you live up to your value.

Use our Upside & ROI Calculator to give yourself a good idea of the revenue you could be making with Shared Construction Content.

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