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It’s Time to Think Bigger: The Real Problem SCC Solves (It's not as obvious as it might seem)

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Why Does SCC Exist?

To understand how Shared Construction Content works, let’s go back to the basics of why we created this first-of-its-kind software platform for architectural photographers and filmmakers.

SCC was born out of a direct problem and need that founder Michael Young experienced as a photography business owner and chief marketing officer in the construction industry.

In the past, operationally and logistically, making every single project a split-cost project was not in the cards for architectural photographers and videographers. The marketing requirements within the construction industry had not matured and were holding back architectural photography opportunities and growth.

However, over the last five years, the marketing requirements across the entire construction industry, from big corporations to small businesses, have changed, opening up enormous opportunities for architectural photographers that, for the most part, unfortunately, go untapped.

Our goal is to be the catalyst that propels the architectural photography industry into the future by:

  1. Fixing the operational and logistical roadblocks of traditional split-cost projects
  2. Helping you tap into significant new market opportunities and
  3. Bringing construction marketing into the 21st century.

Split-Cost Projects are Operational Headaches

When done the old way, split-cost projects are operationally complex and extremely difficult to execute when you have more than two companies splitting the cost.

First off, there are the baseline logistical headaches:

  • Correctly figuring out how much each company will pay
  • Making adjustments as new people sign on
  • Creating robust legal documents
  • Generating unique licensing for each client
  • Effectively delivering content

Secondly, we have the sales and marketing challenges that few architectural photographers are prepared to take on. Marketing and sales is hard, great marketing and sales is harder. You need the marketing expertise to discover and understand your clients’ unique business needs and the right systems and business processes to fulfill those needs.

As a small business, it doesn’t make sense to hire a sales rep to handle all the work involved in marketing and selling licenses for your projects. You’re not going to hire someone and make $40,000 to $60,000 a year to make $40,000 to $60,000.

It is perfectly understandable why this has not been the industry norm. Historically, the results have not justified the logistical headaches piled on with the time and effort required of architectural photographers to prospect, sell, and execute split-cost projects.

The Untapped Opportunity in Previously Immature Market

The marketing requirements for the construction industry have shifted massively in the last five years, opening up enormous opportunities for architectural photography and film.

Five years ago, small businesses in the construction industry – such as marble fabricators or windows and doors manufacturers – were just starting to realize the value of publishing content. Using stock footage, their phones, and, as we all know, stolen images, they started publishing content that was mediocre at best to grow their businesses.

In that, businesses have proven that they find value in generating content. But, because the price points were out of reach, you would never see them conducting an architectural photography project. That said, those that did saw real and tangible benefits. They elevated their brands, distinguished themselves from the competition, and increased revenues. 

Today, the Market Has Matured

The entire architectural photography market, across the whole spectrum - from large corporations to small businesses, professional service to sub-contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, fabricators, designers such as furniture designers, even demolition and excavation has matured. Businesses of every size find high-end assets critical for presentations, proposals, portfolio websites, social media, and advertising to grow their business.

Right now, the easiest low-hanging fruit to help you maximize your revenue is right in front of you – and it's going completely untapped.

When we’re doing an architectural photography project, there are zero reasons not to be prospecting every single company that has a stake in that building.

It’s Time to Think Bigger

Now that there is SCC, your right hand in split-cost projects, there is no excuse not to prospect every company with a stake in constructing that building.

Further to that, larger companies that have been producing quality content are always looking to cut budgets, save time, reduce hassles and inefficiencies, and form stronger relationships with their partners.

We’re at a conflux in the architectural photography industry and critical juncture in our pricing, value, and revenue.

It’s time to take action, think bigger, and drive your business further than you ever have.

But Look, We’ll Level with You.

We know that you're not going to go out and prospect all 100 companies who have a stake in building a project. You don’t want to do marketing and sales, you want to show up and do your art.

We know you’re not going to get every single company to sign up for a split-cost project. And we know that not every project is going to have a split cost element to it. 

But if just on 50% of the projects you were to add one, two, or three additional licenses, you’re making huge sums of additional revenue. And by doing it affordably and at scale with SCC, you’re getting a real return on your investment. 

Even if on 25% of the projects, you’re still making great money that you wouldn’t have had otherwise – with no additional work on your end. Just assign SCC the work and use our software. 

If you were to sell one additional license per project – just one – you’d be increasing your revenue by 50%.

So as the architectural photographer on a project, you’re doing a minimal amount of extra work for a massive upside – because that upside is not just in the revenue of that one project. And that upside is not just about the money, it’s about the relationships.

When looking at all these challenges and potential as a whole – it's an impossible undertaking that brings to light the real problem.

The Real Problem

How do you tap into this opportunity when you have massive logistical problems? When you have these logistical problems, how do you provide business results to all of these companies that are now an opportunity for you?

On a project where things are shared, and not everything is specific and custom to each client, how do you solve each client’s specific needs to give them a solution that helps push forward their business?

When you have multiple clients with specific needs that require custom solutions and you’re attempting to give them something that’s one size fits all, it’s never going to work.

By taking the junction of these operational problems and untapped opportunities and looking at them as one, you realize that the main problem is that it’s exceedingly difficult to provide a custom solution to each client that helps them achieve their business goals.

That is where Shared Construction Content steps in.

How Does SCC Help You?

We handle all the logistics of the work that helps you tap into these new opportunities and this new mature market. We do all the work to operationally handle all the logistics, from payment processing to licensing, to all the marketing and sales, to tap into those new opportunities and get people onboarded.

Most importantly, we solve the problem of getting everyone on the same page. We listen, discover, and understand their needs, provide them with high-quality assets, and help them implement them so they can get the best use out of your content.

We’ve done all the hard work to ensure that when you get to the shoot you know exactly what you’re executing so that everyone gets what they need – from the architect and general contractor to the marble guy and the furniture manufacturer.

SCC is here to open up your eyes to all these additional opportunities, and the best part is that you don’t have to do the actual work.

With our split-cost software and solutions-based sales approach, we consistently and effectively seek out, discover, and understand the specific needs of every single company. We build them hand-tailored solutions using the high-quality content you create. And we get everyone on the same page so that every split-cost project runs seamlessly.

When all is said and done, we’re increasing your number of clients and maximizing your revenue simply by using SCC. We turn 5 to 6 weeks of complex sales work into 5 to 6 clicks which turns into 35% to 65% more revenue for your business on a 3X to 10X plus ROI.

Ready to Think Bigger?

While you’ve probably done a handful of split-cost projects before, now, you can easily be doing split-cost projects for Every. Single. Project.

As architectural photographers and filmmakers, it is time to start thinking bigger.

Book a 15-minute discovery call to see how SCC can help you easily and consistently succeed in executing split-cost projects.

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