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How to Get 10X More Out of Your Architectural Photography

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"Architectural photography is critical to the success of anyone involved in the construction industry." Tyler Swartzwelder, DBIA, LEED AP, Senior Project Executive | Gilbane Building Company

High-quality photography, videography, and other visual content help to elevate your business. There's a reason why the adage, “A picture is worth a thousand words,” is still true to this day: People are moved by imagery.

Unfortunately, for those who need to source architectural photography, the high cost, time commitments and hassles required to do so can make it difficult to showcase all of your best work.

This is where Shared Construction Content comes in as a powerful tool. Today, we’ll take a look at how you can get 10 times more out of your architectural photographer, content procurement process, and marketing team by using our software.

Save Money for Everyone Involved

First and foremost, we can help you save money. We have found that enterprises can reduce costs from 45% and 75% when splitting the cost via our platform.

Not only that, but split cost architectural photography leads to savings for everyone involved — not just you. This makes it an attractive option for all parties involved on the job.

Save All Companies Time, Energy, and Hassle

Beyond just cost savings, split cost architectural photography helps all parties involved save on time, energy and hassle.

Often, there are multiple parties who need photography of a finished project. For example real estate agents need specific types of content to sell or lease properties while architecture firms need content with a certain look and feel to create an exemplary portfolio that gains them new work.

Each type of business who has worked on a construction project has a different business need for their content. In addition, each business often require varying types of content from their partners and require a specific look and feel to achieve the business objectives.

The Shared Construction Content platform effortlessly brings together all stake-holders in an architectural photography project while also allowing them to each get the content that they need to drive their businesses forward. Whether it is the subject matter of individual photos or specific editing requirements for each business, Shared Construction Content has this process to get everyone what they need down to a science.

Shared Construction Content gets everyone on the same page and allows you all to work in harmony, reducing hassles for your and your partner's content procurement process.

Build New Relationships

A unique benefit of using Shared Construction Content is that you build new relationships in two veins:

  1. With clients, as you provide them with content and media for proposals, presentations, pitches, and marketing.
  2. With construction partners, as you all work together and build good will by sharing assets.

These new relationships can lead to an increase in business and elevate your name in the industry.

Strengthen Existing Relationships

In addition to building new relationships through the use of Shared Construction Content, you can strengthen relationships that already exist. 

Your clients will continue to turn to you as you leverage content for clear communication. Your existing partnerships with other construction professionals will only improve as you work together toward shared goals.

Take Advantage of Multiple Services

Finally, Shared Construction Content is about more than simply splitting the cost of architectural photography. We actually offer multiple services, from all forms of content creation to marketing, making us a powerful one-stop shop to help your business grow.

Content Creations:

  • Architectural Photography
  • Architectural Filmmaking and Video
  • Staging
  • Architectural Aerial Photography
  • Architectural Aerial Filmmaking and Video
  • 3D-Tours
  • Copywriting
  • Presentation Creation
  • Portfolio Refinement
  • Creation of long term strategies to build cost effective yet comprehensive 'Content Libraries' that span years and decades.

Lastly, Shared Construction Content is built smartly to fit into your existing architectural photography procurement process:

  • You can use us to source everything.
  • You can use your existing creators for some aspects of a project and then use our platform to source creators for parts of the project. For example, if you have a photographer that you love and trust but you do not know of a stager or a filmmaker - we will source the stager and filmmaker for you.
  • You can also bring all your own content producers and simply use our split cost software to help manage the shared process.

You can change the way you use Shared Construction Content along the way. What works for you today might look different on your next project, and that’s perfectly fine! At the end of the day, Shared Construction Content saves you time, money, and energy while improving relationships with partners and potential clients.

If you are interested in learning more, let’s talk. We look forward to helping you.

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